Dumpling Guide

Homemade dumpling wrappers (Ultimate Dumpling Guide part 1)

Freshly rolled dumpling wrappers and two dumplings.

How to make great dumpling fillings (Ultimate Dumpling Guide part 2)

Great fillings are essential to successful dumpling making. This guide offers ideas, tips and troubleshooting tricks. Four dumpling filling examples are also included.

Ten ways to fold dumplings (Ultimate Dumpling Guide part 3)

Nine dumplings in nine different patterns.

Cook dumplings in three ways (Ultimate Dumpling Guide part 4)

dumplings cooked in three ways: boiled, pan-fried and steamed.

Six dumpling sauces (Ultimate Dumpling Guide part 5)

From the simplest to more sophisticated versions, this guide offers six inspiring dumpling sauces which will take your dumpling dishes to another level.

Colourful dumplings for Chinese New Year (Ultimate Dumpling Guide part 6)

Lines of dumplings in white, green, orange and purple colour

Pan-fried vegetarian dumplings / potstickers (素煎饺)

Pan-fried vegetarian dumplings resemble Pak Choi and have a crispy base.

Beef dumplings in hot & sour soup (酸汤水饺)

Beef dumplings in a bowl of hot & sour soup. Looks very appetizing.

Har gow: crystal prawn dumplings (虾饺)

Juicy filling wrapped by a translucent skin, Har Gow (prawn dumplings) is a pleasure both on your palate and to your eyes. Read my detailed recipe to learn how to make it perfectly.

Shrimp & pork shumai (鲜虾猪肉烧卖)

A shrimp & pork shumai held by a pair of chopsticks.

Chinese chive pockets (韭菜盒子)

Pan fried flat dumplings filled with fragrant Chinese chive, soft scrambled eggs and springy vermicelli noodles, Chinese chive pockets are simply irresistible.

Sheng Jian Bao: Pan-fried pork buns (生煎包)

Tasty, moist pork wrapped with half-soft, half-crispy dough, Shanghai pan-fried pork buns, traditionally served as breakfast, make a great party food.

Steamed bao buns (包子), a complete guide

Freshly steamed bao buns in a bamboo steamer.