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Hi! I’m Wei, a self-taught cook from North-west China.  Since moving to Europe, almost ten years ago, I developed a passion for food and with three culinary fans of my own, I currently live in a red brick house (“Red House”) in Bedford, England, where every recipe in this blog is enthusiastically developed and mindfully tested (Read more about the blog here).

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Why “Spice”? Simply because I can’t survive without spice, neither in food nor in life. Plus, even those who have little interest in food might know “Chinese Five-Spice”. So the word “Spice” may well give you a hint of the kind of cuisine I am sharing here.

I guess your next question could be “Why blogging?”. To be honest, writing a food blog is not an impulsive decision (even though I am rather impulsive when it comes to trying new things). I gave myself three solid reasons before I started this journey.

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For the past. As I grow older, I realise more and more that all my inspiration and capacity for cooking comes from the influence of my parents who cooked every single meal from scratch (literally) in a tiny kitchen. They had a limited number of ingredients but this was outweighed by their great passion and imagination. They never intended to teach me how to cook but they always allowed me to play around the stove and to have the first taste of their scrumptious dishes.  While living far away from them, I’ve been trying to reproduce those flavours from my childhood. Sharing those influences with you here is a great way to preserve their culinary legacy.

For the present. I love sharing, sharing every bit of joy in my life with family and friends. Eating the food I cook, they praise and then ask: but how to make it? Seeing the photo of a dish I make they praise and then ask: but where is the recipe? Increasingly, I realise that sharing is not just about feeding the people you love or showing them your achievement. SHARE is Show them How to Achieve then Recreate and Enjoy together. A blog provides the ideal platform to share and connect with others who have the same passion in life.

For the future. As I mentioned earlier, I have three culinary fans in the Red House. Fan No.1 praises every single dish I produce (that’s compulsory). It’s a bit trickier with fan No.2 and 3 since sometimes, without warning, they turn themselves into nasty little food critics. A bit annoying, but they do push me to be more imaginary with my ingredients. A few weeks ago, fan No.2 said to me in a serious tone: “I think you should WORK as a professional cook.” What a compliment! At least for now I can WRITE like a professional cook. Also, perhaps when they gain their independency, they might appreciate my blog as a handy recipe book whenever they crave authentic Chinese food.

Another good thing about developing this blog is that I feel like I’m getting my old job back. Before moving abroad, I worked as journalist in Beijing for nearly a decade. Back then I was part of a big team, now I’m on my own with more responsibility, but also with more independence and freedom.

OK! It’s time to make a start. Hope you enjoy walking through the journey with me.

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12 thoughts

  1. Wei, I’ve enjoyed reading about your travels and love the recipes! I’m a food/fitness/health blogger – and am crazy about eggs, breakfast, veggies and FIOD!! 😂

  2. 你好,禾慕!我通过Fackbook来到你的博客看了一轮,做得很漂亮!详细介绍每一样菜,照片美轮美奂,每一个步骤拍下来加上后期的制作一定很花费时间!我最后两次做姜汁撞奶都失败了,下次要试一下你的方子。

    1. Wing,你好!很高兴在我的博客看到你!谢谢夸奖!的确要花很多时间和精力,但成就感也很强。做自己喜欢和擅长的事,乐趣无穷!你的厨艺也很棒,咱们保持联系多交流!

  3. Hi Wei,

    Recently i’m coming back from Beijing for travelling. I had a chance to taste this Guber Water Town Pear at Simatai Great Wall. A steam pear is put in this aluminium (if i am not mistaken) cup with lid. Eaten it while hot.
    Very refreshing since its winter and you know what, I love it very much!! Never taste and found this dessert before.

    When coming back to my hometown, i googled for the recipe, and found your blog on “Pear with Rock Sugar”. I assume it quite similar with the steam pear i eaten at Great Wall.

    I bought some wolfberry/goji berries there as well.

    Can’t wait to try your recipe! Your other recipe is also interesting.Can’t wait to try it also!!!

    Thanks very much for sharing!!

    1. Hi Wanie! It’s my great pleasure to share! I know exactly what you are talking about as I bought the same thing in Gubei Water Town last summer on the same spot. Loved it (and the cute enamel cup as a souvenir)! You are right. The idea is same as my steamed version of “Pear with rock sugar” (The only difference is that the Gubei ones are baked in the oven). It’s now the best season to serve this warming dessert (Actually I’m making some for my dinner party guests tonight). Anyway, happy cooking and have a great new year!

  4. Thank you so much for the Mapo Tofu recipe, i was crawing it so hard, back in the time, when i was in Heifei.
    Mine wasn’t exact same and perfect, but loved it anyway, its my favorite dish, thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. Have a good one

  5. Hi I just came across your lovely blog and was first inspired by your aubergine recipe – I love aubergines and then by your broccoli and prawns – broccoli being considered one of the healthiest vegetables!

    Anyway thank you for all the work that goes into sharing these delicious meals.

    Ps I live by a very similar stretch of river – nothing quite like a beautiful view! I hope you really enjoy your home in Bedford.

  6. I just discovered your blog while googling how to grow garlic sprouts and I can already tell it is going to be one of my favourite resources for Chinese cooking!

    I used to live in Ningxia province and your recipes make me so homesick for China!

    I can’t wait to try some of these recipes out!

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